The Arps Process

Do you care about our environment? Do you strive to be environmentally friendly? Are you concerned about greenhouse gas emissions and global warming? Then this will interest you!

Did you know Arps Dairy uses a cold separation system in the plant to separate the milk? Most creameries in the US use a hot separation system to separate their milk because it increases the capacity of the production line, so they can produce even more mass quantities of milk. But Arps chose a different system because Arps believes that taste trumps production capacity. To us, it just makes sense to use a cold system because bacterial growth is actually lower at cold temperatures and it takes a lot of energy to heat up the milk.

Also when the milk is heated it impacts the proteins found in the milk. So the less heat the better to maintain the proteins! So by cold separation Arps is able to use less energy and keep a higher quality better tasting milk! Try some today, I can taste the difference, can you?

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