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Arps Dairy Snapchat Challenge!


Arps Dairy is starting 2017 with a ‘Snapchat Challenge’ contest, which we feel is our funnest free product giveaway contest ever! Here’s how it works: We have teamed up with Snapchat to create an Arps Dairy geofilter that will appear randomly around the community. All you have to do is take a Snap with one of our filters, post your Snap to our Facebook page, and the picture/video with the most Likes each day will win a free Arps Dairy product!  To win you must also like our Facebook page.


Questions and Answers:

How will you know where the filter will be located so you can participate, you ask?

Great question! Visit our Facebook page every morning and we will tell you where our filter will be that day!

I own a local business and would like to team up with Arps to host the Snapchat Challenge! contest at my store – can we work something like that out?

Absoultely!  We love working with people who help to engage the community so if you are interested in having our Snapchat Challenge! contest at your location, simply shoot us a message on Facebook or send us an email at and we will gladly work with you to engage your customers in our fun 🙂

If I win can I get ANY Arps Dairy product I want?

Yes… well… within reason.  A tanker of milk is off limits, as is other bulk products and resell items, but you can certainly pick from any retail item we produce here in our creamery… a gallon of milk, some delicious Farm Fresh Chocolate or a tub of chip dip for example are all available!  I mean what would you want a tanker load of milk for anyway??

How long will the contest last?

We don’t know!  It pretty much depends on how well the contest goes.  If people enjoy it we will do it for awhile… we aim to please 🙂

My picture/video got more Likes on your Facebook page than the other person, but somehow I didn’t win… what’s the deal?

Well a couple things could be wrong.  First your picture may not have been posted on the right day.  Each new geolocation starts a new contest so if you had more likes than someone else, you may have been from an older geolocation.  You could have also posted your picture late – again each contest ends and a new contest begins when a new geolocation is selected.  Another possibility is that we checked and you haven’t liked our Facebook page (so don’t let that happen and go ahead and like our page already)!

Is Snapchat responsible or liable for this contest?

Not at all.  Other than using Snapchat as the medium through which the pictures/videos are taken, nothing else has to do with Snapchat.  (We know you probably already knew the answer to this one, but Snapchat wanted us to make this clear).


And as a special note, any Snap that is posted to our page should be of appropriate content.  Our aim here is to let people have fun with this contest and to be creative, but anything that shows bad taste will be removed from our page.  In other words, as Will Ferrell said in the movie, Anchorman, “Stay Classy,” Arps Dairy Snapchat Challenge! contest participants!



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