Arps Dairy Gives Back

The community that supports Arps Dairy is a great community to give back to. We not only support schools and farmers we are supporting children and women. One of these organizations we are supporting is the House of Ruth, a domestic violence shelter that provides safe housing for women and children who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. While at the shelter, women receive support from staff and peer support groups. If they choose, individual counseling is available to them. The House of Ruth provides housing for up to 90 days for those in Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Paulding and Williams counties and up to 30 days for those not in the service area.

Through this organization Arps Dairy will be providing support with the book drive, The House of Ruth is holding. There are many opportunities in which we can all help with the House of Ruth, there are many items in which they need. Arps Dairy is excited to able to help an organization that is supporting women and children in bad situations.

Through the book drive Arps is helping the women and children but also to battle childhood cancer. Just a small donation to the book drive could make a big difference for a family. By supporting this organization we can be part of the solution. Children are the future to our industry, supporting these children through book drives which broaden their knowledge only leads to a better future for all of us. Mothers can use the help hopefully make better lives for their children.

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