11 Great Tips for Buying, Storing and Cooking With Milk


How should milk be stored? How long does it last? What’s a serving of dairy? Below are some helpful tips to make the most of your Arps Dairy products.

Purchasing and Storing Milk

  • Buy milk and other dairy products toward the end of your shopping trip to keep them colder longer.
  • Store milk and other dairy products in the back of the refrigerator where it stays coldest, and always below 40°F.  Never store milk in the refrigerator door where it is susceptible to warmer air from opening and closing the door.
  • Remember to open new milk containers in the same order in which you bought them. First in the refrigerator, first out.
  • To maintain freshness, keep the milk stored in its original container.
  • Sometimes milk can absorb other flavors while stored in the fridge, which is okay; it is still safe! Keep the container securely closed to help avoid this.
  • Milk that has been poured out of its container should never be poured back into the original container.

Cooking with Milk

  • Add richness, tenderness and moisture to bread dough and other baked goods by replacing the water with fresh milk.
  • Make a richer and more nutritious hot chocolate from a powdered mix by replacing the water with milk.
  • Make fluffier scrambled eggs and omelets with milk by whisking about 2 tablespoons of milk into each beaten egg.
  • Use milk instead of water when preparing canned or packaged soups for a creamier, richer soup.
  • Chill your glass in the refrigerator or freezer for about 15 minutes before pouring in milk for an extra-frosty drink.



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