Milk Carton Contest: Win $5,000 For Your School!!


In collaboration with Evergreen Packaging, Arps Dairy is proud to announce the 2017 Made By Milk Carton Construction Contest!  The contest, which focuses on nutrition, sustainability and creativity, is open to schools across the country, including local schools who consume Arps Dairy products.  The theme for Fall 2017 contest is sports.  From sports equipment to stadium replicas and trophies, from tri-athletes, mascots and muscle cars – local schools can create sports themed sculpture masterpieces from milk cartons and enter for a chance to win one of 14 prizes, up to $5,000!

How the contest works:

  • Start collecting cartons
  • Make drawings of creation ideas to help decide what you want to create
  • For large groups you could assign small teams to complete a specific task. These could be organized using different steps in the process such as: carton gathering, invention, design, decoration, construction, and essay writing.
  • Make final touches to your creation
  • Take photos of your creation (Very Important – this is what the judges see!)
  • Submit your entry by the deadline
  • Win one of 14 prizes, up to $5,000!

If you are interested in participating in the contest, here are some additional helpful resources:

Carton Collection
Promote proper care of milk carton collecting by printing and posting one or more of these posters in your school.


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