Ice Cream Season is Right Around the Corner… Who’s Ready?!?


While there is still snow on the ground, some ice cream shops in the area have already opened while others are putting the finishing touches in the prep process.  Needless to say, ice cream season will be upon us in no time!

Many people don’t know that Arps Dairy also produces a delicious soft serve ice cream mix that is sold to a number of local ice cream shops.  Patrons of those locations will be glad to learn, though, that our Dairy With Integrity philosophy extends to the soft serve ice cream that we produce.  For example, Arps Dairy promises to never use high fructose corn syrup or other artificial, liquid sweeteners in any of our products, including the soft serve ice cream sold in many local ice cream stores. And, all Arps Dairy products, including our soft serve ice cream is sourced from local family farms right here in our own back yard: Defiance, Ney, Cecil, Wauseon, Napoleon, Deshler, New Baveria, Ottawa and Leipsic.


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