Classroom Celebrations


Classroom celebrations provide opportunities for students to make healthy choices and practice good nutrition. It’s a way for parents and teachers to work together to promote healthy eating while having fun.  For your child’s next classroom celebration, if you are the parent in charge of drinks, something to consider is sending a little extra money with your child to school that day with a note letting the teacher know that the extra money is for buying the kids an extra milk from the cafeteria for the celebration.  Not only is milk (even flavored milk options) healthy, but the kids love it and it also prevents your child from having to lug boxes of juice around all morning until they get to their classroom.  AND… the milk snack goes really good with other typical celebration goodies like cookies πŸ™‚

What are the benefits of healthy classroom celebrations?

  • Good nutrition is directly linked to better student behavior and academic performance.
  • Healthy classroom celebrations demonstrate a school commitment to promoting healthy choices.
  • It creates excitement for students to try new and different things, including healthy snacks.
  • Celebrating in a healthy way is a lesson that lasts a lifetime.

How can parents promote healthy food choices at school?

  • Include nutrient-rich foods from several food groups when sending a snack with your child to school or when helping provide the food for a classroom party.
  • Be creative. Presentation is key β€” healthy treats will be enjoyed if you offer them in an attractive way and with a fun attitude.
  • Be a role model by promoting healthy snacking and eating at home.
  • Involve your children in planning school lunches and snacks.
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