You’re Invited to the Norden Family Farm Tour

[Napoleon, Ohio] You and your family are cordially invited on behalf of Arps Dairy to attend the free Norden Family Farm Tour scheduled to take place Sunday, June 24 from 1:00PM – 4:00PM at the Terry Norden Farm located at 17756 US-6 Napoleon, Ohio 43545.

The Norden Family Farm Tour is a kid-friendly event where you will be able to speak directly to a local dairy farmer to gain more knowledge about what goes into the food that you consume.  You will be able to ask questions and get honest answers, observe the milking process, and kids will enjoy the baby calf petting zoo.

“If everyone knew how much work we put into taking care of our cows, there would be less fear of agriculture,” Terry Norden stated.  Norden is a multi-generational lifelong dairy farmer. Since 1905, the Norden family has worked diligently to maintain a successful farming operation. They have been supplying milk to Arps dairy since 1970. Although the farm has seen many updates and improvements, the family’s foundational values have stayed the same; “work hard and continue to be dedicated to the industry”.

“The Norden’s, like many other local dairy farmers, have been supplying milk to Arps Dairy for years,” stated Adam Donaldson, Vice President of Arps Dairy.  “Terry came to us with a farm tour idea to wrap up June as National Dairy Month and we thought it was a fantastic idea!  For several years Arps Dairy has made it an important part of their mission to be transparent throughout the product life-cycle and educate consumers about what goes into the food we produce.  We saw this event as an opportunity to expand upon the level of transparency we strive to achieve.  We are proud of the hard work, dedication and level of care our local family farmers put into producing milk in the most responsible manner possible and we want to share that story with people in the communities we service.  So, we encourage everyone to come out and learn about life on a real dairy farm, and we will treat you to free milk and ice cream as our way of saying thanks for stopping out”.

For over eighty years, Arps Dairy has provided customers with delicious dairy products sourced 100% from small, Northwest Ohio family farms that are located within 30 miles of their Defiance, Ohio creamery.

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