Farm Practices

Cow Care

All of our Arps Dairy farmers ensure that their livestock live healthy, happy and stress-free lives because the more comfortable a cow is, the better that cow performs for the farmer.  The more relaxed a cow is, the more comfortable they are, the more milk that cow will produce.  All of our local Arps Dairy farmers have a great partnership with their cows, and that relates to quality dairy products for you and your family.   Because Arps Dairy has the happiest cows – we’ve got the best tasting milk. And because we’ve got the best tasting milk, we’ve got the best tasting dairy products.

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Dairy Quality

Quality dairy starts on the farm and continued through processing. On the farm, local Arps Dairy farmers ensure a high quality product by providing their herds healthy diets, properly sanitizing and maintaining equipment, assuring proper storage temperatures, through laboratory testing of raw milk that must meet Arps Dairy’s strict quality standards and by passing rigorous farm inspections by state regulatory agencies.

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There’s an old saying about farmers being the first environmentalists. Caring for the land, water and air remains a daily commitment by dairy farmers. Most dairy farmers make their home at the farm, giving them even more incentive to be a good neighbor and protect natural resources.

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