The Inkrott Family


Dave wants the customers to know, “Arps products are as good as ever, all of the milk we produce is of the highest quality. Consumers can rest easy knowing they are getting our best products to provide to their families.”

Arps Dairy has been fortunate to have maintained long term commitments with our producers. One farm, the Inkrott Farm, a fifth generation producer has been a huge part of Arps Dairy. Mr. Dave Inkrott offers a beautiful place to witness the joys of agriculture. This picturesque farm is situated down a long driveway where Dave and his wife Bev have raised four children, all who helped on the farm. The Inkrott farm was established in 1878 and has remained in the family over a course of nearly 140 years cultivating row crops, vegetables and hay. Farm animals such as horses, hogs and chickens have played intermittent roles on the farm; however, dairy has remained a constant. Dave has the privilege of farming his entire life and he proudly continues with the blessing of his father still working beside him daily.

The family farm is located near Leipsic, Ohio. To provide the best environment possible for their Holstein herd they utilize free stalls for comfort and sand bedding for cleanliness. When the temperature is a factor, the barns have curtains to help control air circulation. The cows can also roam outside when the weather conditions are favorable to ensure them more room to move. Dave’s father Ralph, mixes a ration of haylage and corn silage daily tailored to the dietary needs of the herd. All the silage and haylage is grown on the farm. Using more technology in his operation is something Dave is interested in but he prefers to do things the old-fashioned way. Dave knows he can produce a quality product by conventional methods.

Dave is proud to be part of a Century Farm, as well as being recognized through the Soil and Water conservation. When asked what his favorite part of the operation was, he answered, “The family time”. Then Dave reminisced on the times he would ride with the kids on horses, take feeder calves to the fair and just spend time with them doing daily chores. As he thought longer, he added, he really enjoyed getting in the tractor and planting corn. He takes pride in his ability to plant straight corn rows and watch them grow. The family values the realities of the hard work it takes to run a farm. As his kids grow up, go off to college, launch their careers and start their own families, they appreciate and implement the lessons they have learned growing up on a farm. When questioned what dairy product is the best, the Inkrotts claim milk is by far the best. Dave wants the customers to know, “Arps products are as good as ever, all of the milk we produce is higher quality”. In addition, “consumers can rest easy knowing they are getting our best products to provide to their families.”

As for community involvement, the Inkrott family offers a helping hand to the Miller City FFA program where their youngest still attends. The community has benefitted from the Inkrott family’s giving ways and welcoming attitude. In the same way, Arps Dairy feels fortunate to have the Inkrott family in the business. They have been supplying Arps with milk since 1995. Dave says “We are lucky to be with Arps.  The good people and local company make a welcome change from other companies”.

Thank you to the Inkrott family. It is a pleasure to work with your family.    


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