Farm Fresh Milk

The Arps Dairy Farm Fresh Milk is a new and innovative dairy product.  It features a consistent butterfat content of 3.75%, which is significantly higher than the standard whole milk provided by others.  Arps Dairy’s Farm Fresh Milk comes in two different sizes and flavors:

The Farm Fresh White only comes in our stylish 59oz bottle, and it’s ingredient label proudly proclaims the only ingredient to be milk – 100% milk – nothing is added and nothing is taken away. It is rich and creamy and perfect for individuals who desire wholesome foods as well as gourmet coffee shops who want to offer their customers a consistent, high butterfat milk.

The Farm Fresh Chocolate comes in a 59oz or pint size option.  The Farm Fresh Chocolate Milk is thick and creamy, and is practically a ‘milkshake in a bottle’.


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59oz Farm Fresh White Milk, 59oz Farm Fresh Chocolate Milk, 16oz Farm Fresh Chocolate Milk