Arps has been a long-time trusted partner in restaurants across NW Ohio. Ever order a tall glass of milk during your romantic dinner night out? How about a chocolate milk on the rocks when you’re just hanging with the guys? Probably not, but Arps is in the kitchens of some of NW Ohio’s favorite restaurants, helping chefs create the perfect soups, sauces and desserts.

Below is a list of restaurants that carry Arps Dairy Products:

  • Apache Dairy Bar
  • Burger Dairy Store
  • Country Charm Café
  • Debbies Dairy Freeze
  • Depot Restaurant
  • Fat Jack’s Pizza – Findlay
  • Fat Jack’s Pizza – Spencerville
  • Fat Jack’s Pizza – West
  • Hawk’s Pizza
  • Kalida Dairy Whip
  • Lickity Split
  • Meek’s Pastry Shop
  • Mello-Cream Donuts – Metcalf
  • Mello-Cream Donuts – North
  • North Drive Thru Brookside
  • Past Time Café
  • River Run Grill
  • Root Beer Stand
  • Sherwood Pizza and Subs
  • Smith’s Pub & Grub
  • South Drive Thru Express
  • Susie’s Family Bakery
  • Sweetwater Chop House
  • Tiny’s Dairy Barn
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