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Meet our Staff

Arps Dairy employees work hard each and every day to ensure that the community has a constant and consistent supply of quality dairy products in your home and in our local schools, hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, ice cream shops and more. We welcome you to meet our employees and hear what they have to say about Arps Dairy.

Our Inspiring Owners

Arps Dairy has always been locally owned and operated. In 2015, a local group of investors who believe in the long-standing history of Arps Dairy purchased the creamery from the former owner, Mr. Steven Boomer. These six owners all play an active role in driving the long-term vision of Arps Dairy with the ultimate goal of growing the creamery in order to continue to provide the community with local, fresh dairy products.

David A. Reiser, CPA
David A. Reiser, CPAOwner
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Brant C. Darnell, CPA
Brant C. Darnell, CPAOwner, Board Member
Lambert VanderMade
Lambert VanderMadeOwner
President and CEO, Board Member
Tom Moriarty, CPA
Tom Moriarty, CPAOwner, Board Member
Denny Roehrig
Denny RoehrigOwner
Vice President of Production, Board Member
Tina VanderMade
Tina VanderMadeOwner

Our Administration

Our Administration is responsible for integrating operational policies, structures, tools and repeatability to make the vision a reality. In 2016, the Administration took a turn by on-boarding an individual who is naturally analytical, skilled at deductive reasoning, and highly adept at implementing solutions. Our administration provides leadership, management, and accountability for all major functions of the organization.

Marlene Meyer
Marlene MeyerOffice Manager

Our Courteous Sales and Account Management Staff

Our sales and account management team are a friendly group of folks dedicated to exceptional customer service and are responsible for both organic and new business growth as well as promptly addressing any need from a current or potential customer.  If you have a question or concern about an Arps Dairy product, individuals from this talented team will most definitely have your answer.

TJ Boyers
TJ BoyersAccount Manager

Our Field Rep FARM Evaluator

Arps Dairy employs our own Field Rep and FARM Evaluator who works directly with our local family farmers to readily identify and help resolve issues that may occur on the farm. Our Field Rep is available to all Arps Dairy producers to assist them in any way necessary, to focus on milk quality and ensure that Arps Dairy is receiving the highest quality of local milk that is produced in the most responsible way possible. Our National Farm Program Evaluator works with our farmers to ensure they meet the National FARM Program standards of animal care.

Dr. Greg Edwards, DVM
Dr. Greg Edwards, DVMField Representative

Our Friendly Delivery Drivers

Our friendly delivery drivers thrive on customer service. Our drivers deliver dairy products to local schools, hospitals, restaurants, ice cream shops, and to the grocery and convenience stores where you buy your product that ends up in your family’s fridge. Our drivers build strong relationships with the managers and staff at the locations they deliver to. And in terms of customer service, our drivers do full rotation of the Arps Dairy cooler just to offer a helping hand so store managers and staff don’t have to.

Jim Call
Jim CallRoute Delivery Driver
Jerry Santos
Jerry SantosRoute Delivery Driver
Troy Chmielewski
Troy ChmielewskiRoute Delivery Driver
Paul Davis
Paul DavisRoute Delivery Driver
Christopher Cook
Christopher CookRoute Delivery Driver

Our Talented Production Team

Our talented production team are very detail oriented individuals who work long and hard hours to ready the milk for bottling, distribution and sale. These hard working individuals typically start their day at 4:00 AM and end at 4:00 PM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, as well as some Wednesday’s as needed. This team is responsible for every process from raw milk receiving to bottling.

Tony Skiver
Tony SkiverJug Filler Lead
Andrew Muncy
Andrew MuncyHTST Operator
Alan Burt
Alan BurtMix Blend
Nick Roehrig
Nick RoehrigMaintenance Supervisor
Robert Velsor
Robert VelsorBag Filler Lead
Chris Buttler
Chris ButtlerRaw End Clean-up
Jeff Deming
Jeff DemingQA Analyst, HTST Operator
Joe Emerling
Joe EmerlingJug Filler & Finish Tanks
Steven Dusseau
Steven DusseauArtisan Cultured Product Maker