Meet our Staff

Arps Dairy employees work hard each and every day to ensure that the community has a constant and consistent supply of quality dairy products in your home and in our local schools, hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, ice cream shops and more. We welcome you to meet our employees and hear what they have to say about Arps Dairy.

Our Inspiring Owners

Arps Dairy has always been locally owned and operated. In 2015, a local group of investors who believe in the long-standing history of Arps Dairy purchased the creamery from the former owner, Mr. Steven Boomer. These six owners all play an active role in driving the long-term vision of Arps Dairy with the ultimate goal of growing the creamery in order to continue to provide the community with local, fresh dairy products.

David A. Reiser, CPA
David A. Reiser, CPAOwner
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Brant C. Darnell, CPA
Brant C. Darnell, CPAOwner, Board Member
Lambert VanderMade
Lambert VanderMadeOwner
President and CEO, Board Member
Tina VanderMade
Tina VanderMadeOwner